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CsPR advisor Jehan Perera wins peace award

by CsPR site admin last modified 2008-09-21 11:01

Dr. Perera, head of the National Peace Council of Sri Lanka, has won the 2008 Peace City Sakai Prize for Contributions to Peace

CsPR advisor Jehan Perera wins peace award

Jehan Perera

CsPR's Yoshiko Ashiwa commented as following in the 30 August 2008 issue of the Asahi Shimbun:

"When Dr. Perera was studying at Harvard Law School, while many other overseas students were hoping to land jobs in US companies or international organizations, he said he wanted to return to Sri Lanka to work for the country. His unshakeable belief in peace and non-violence, his deep powers of observation, wide perspective and balanced viewpoint make him one of Asia's top peace activists. In a country where appealing for peace is a politically dangerous activity, his readiness to listen both to the Sri Lankan government and to the LTTE, at times to confront them both, and throughout to seek peaceful solutions to the ethnic conflict has been invaluable. Sri Lanka is the first country in which the Japanese government has undertaken an autonomous peacebuilding initiative, so for a local government in Japan to give Dr. Perera this award sends a strong message that the Japanese people strongly support a peaceful solution to the conflict."

CsPR will be holding a symposium on 9 October 2008 featuring a lecture by Dr. Perera.

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