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CsPR's aims

by CsPR site admin last modified 2007-11-26 07:28

Our mission statement

The Center for the Study of Peace and Reconciliation (CsPR) conducts social scientific research on peace and reconciliation, and the related issues of conflict, violence, memory and expression. At the same time CsPR explores ways to contribute practically to peace-building.

CsPR researchers work on all regions of the world, including Japan and its neighbors. We aim to combine insights from North-East Asia and further afield, and from theoretical and practical  efforts, to establish a locus of research and teaching on peace and reconciliation.

Peace and reconciliation require an understanding of others and oneself, a willingness to think and act together with others, and then to think again. The repetition of this cycle is the way to peace and reconciliation, and indeed is peace and reconciliation. CsPR is open to people inside and outside academia, and welcomes everyone to think and act on peace and reconciliation through public lectures, cultural events and workshops.

CsPR aims to:

  1. Combine studies on Japan’s past and present experiences of war, peace, and war memories with the ongoing peace-building efforts around the world through organizing and promoting social scientific research projects on peace and reconciliation;
  2. Organize and promote interdisciplinary academic exchange with scholars and institutions in Hitotsubashi University, Japan, and overseas;
  3. Foster an environment that encourages civic groups, private corporations, academic institutions, and the government to think and work together;
  4. Build multi-media digital libraries and archives to accumulate, organize, preserve, and improve access to the vast amount of research information in the relevant fields, making CsPR an information center for peace and reconciliation studies;
  5. Facilitate education and graduate research on peace and reconciliation studies through CsPR’s various research projects and other activities;
  6. Organize and promote public events and open lectures to raise awareness in local communities;
  7. Strengthen undergraduate and graduate education programs on peace and reconciliation.

Hitotsubashi University 2-1 Naka, Kunitachi, Tokyo 186-8601 Tel. 042-580-8000
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