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Creating Values and Cultures in Asia
Issues for the Future of Asia after Development and Growth

What Symposium
When 2013-10-22
from 14:00 to 17:30
Where Multimedia Lecture Room, Room 3405, 4th floor, Mercury Tower, East Campus, Hitotsubashi University, Kunitachi, Tokyo
Language English
Organized by
Center for the Study of Peace and Reconciliation
International House of Japan
Japan Foundation
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The communities, societies, state, and cross border networks of Asia are entering a new stage of development. This symposium invites cutting edge public intellectuals in various fields from Asia to discuss issues now facing Asia, directions and futures for Asia, and matters of values that are being re/created in regard to culture, ethics /moral and religion.
Social scientists educated in Western academic traditions frequently take two approaches, either singularly or sometimes simultaneously, without self-recognition of doing so. One approach is to put the conceptual framework of modernity on Asia by using such scales as degree of “democracy”, “market economy”, “civil society” as global phenomenon, or in other words, the modern or western standard. The other is to explore the theory of Asian uniqueness as indigenous nature that is quite different from that of the West. However, the inarticulateness is becoming clear of imposing these approaches to Asia, which has achieved the quick development of middle class society, and is now obtaining self-confidence and subjectivity to navigate in the new directions by itself. Although it may not be necessary for Asia to copy Western idealism for the future, it has to share the responsibilities of symbiosis and cohabitation with all of world humanity.
 What are the political forms, social structures (stratification), cultural styles, and collective consciousness that are now emerging in Asia? Is it be possible for Asia after achieving the initial stage of development to create new values of humanity and life styles that balance development and stability, freedom and security, better quality of life and equal distribution of wealth? If so then what are these values in practice? How can Japan cooperate with them and what are the expectations of Asia for Japan for the future? Discussions of these issues by public intellectuals from Asian countries will enrich the perspectives and stimulate the thinking of students and young intellectuals, as well as academics.

Moderator and chair/  Yoshiko Ashiwa/ Jonathan Lewis   
Part 1   presentations  14:00-15:30
    1)  14:00-14:30     Nelia G. Balgoa (Associate Professor, Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology)
   2)   14:30-15:00 He Runfeng (Correspondent and Region Supervisor, China Central Television,Asia Pacific
        Bureau, Hong Kong)
   3)     15:00-15:30 Imata Katsuji (Senior Advisor, CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation)
Part 2  comments and discussion 
   1)  15:45-16:35     Comments by discussant s
       Lwin Lwin Mon (Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Yangon)
                Chin Oy Sim ( Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Bar Council Malaysia)
                Saba Naqvi ( Political Editor, Outlook Magazine)
        Petrice Flowers (Associate Professor, University of Hawai‛i at Mānoa, Visiting Associate Professor, Hitotsubashi University)
   2)   16:35-17:30 Open discussion  
         questions and comments by graduate students of  Hitotsubashi University and audience

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